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Mori Mori

Horsens Art Museum, 2022


Anne Marie Ploug show a large number of experimental graphic works that capture the different tones and textures of the materials.


The focal point of the exhibition are two main works, each measuring approx. 3 x 8 meters. One is a composite paper work done with pencil and charcoal. The second work consists of copper plates with cold needle etchings. The works are placed on opposite sides in a corner and are central to the entire exhibition. Normally, the copper plates are what you scratch the motif on, then rub colors into it and print it onto paper. In the traditional process, the paper work is the final work. But not with Anne Marie Ploug. Here, the beautiful and shiny copper plates are allowed to play the main role. It is characteristic of Anne Marie Ploug that the materials and the graphic process are just as important elements in the finished expression as the motif itself. It is direct and honest.

Photo by Jacob Friis-Holm Nielsen and Christian Ramsø

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