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Vanity Weeds

Galleri Lene Bilgrav, 2021


At the exhibition weeds are the thematic starting point. In a number of graphic works such as woodcuts and copper prints as well as works in plaster, Anne Marie Ploug examines the shape of the plants as a starting point for exploring the surfaces, space and color of the work. But even though there is a figurative element in the works, the content is just as much the graphic process. The tones and density of the copper prints in the incised lines are different from the more open and rough expressions of the woodcuts.


In the woodcuts, Anne Marie Ploug has worked with layers upon layers of primary colors, which she finally demarcates with black. In the copper prints, the subject is zoomed in, so that lines and colors become a motif element in line with the plant. The exploratory and experimental element of the process is also the reason why all works are different and unique.

Photo by Jacob Friis-Holm Nielsen and Christian Ramsø

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