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Møstings Hus, 2008


Toss-up means putting something into play, just like when you spin a coin and wait for which side will turn up. Heads or tails, luck or bad luck. Something is at stake.


Anne Marie Ploug spans several genres: painting, graphics, drawing and ceramics, but the theme is the same. It is about the images we make of ourselves and our culture, the characters we think in, and which also shape our relationships with each other. For example, weeds, which, as you know, do not disappear so easily, but which are also something we have decided are undesirable. In ceramics and graphic works, Anne Marie Ploug shows weeds from another angle – that of beauty.


In large paintings, the microphones line up. Like the news helicopters constantly circling the city, the microphones are always open for breaking news. The information flows, the voices speak in unison, but who really listens to what is being said, and is there time for more than 3 seconds in prime time? And here in the paintings, the microphones only face the void.


Elsewhere in the exhibition, you cannot go over the door step, because there are words, or gaps after words. Words with more than one meaning, depending on which side the coin lands on.

Photo by Jeppe Sørensen, Logo by Christian Ramsø

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