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Swinging Lassos Subtotal

Galleri Lene Bilgrav, 2019


Participating artists Anne Marie Ploug, Christina Hamre, Agnete Bertram and Anna Fro Vodder. The four artists showed graphics, painting, collage and objects. The exhibition was created in an open dialogue between the artists without a predetermined theme. But like a lasso in oscillations, an open dialogue between people is a form of movement that circles and is kept going to finally capture.

The exhibition was curated by Anne Marie Ploug and Christina Hamre.

The title Swinging Lassos Subtotal points to concepts such as repetition, movement and rhythm. The four artists have each created works that in one way or another point to these concepts. Anne Marie Ploug showed a number of graphic works which she deconstructs to create new wholes. The peripheral and opposites are central concepts with her.

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